Teaching Evaluations

Below are several qualitative evaluations written by students in history courses I have taught at the University of Florida. Please contact me to request student evaluations for complete courses. Peer evaluations also available on request.

Mr. Welton had been the best teacher I have had this semester. He is extremely extremely enthusiastic about what he is teaching and during discussion he values our feedback and presents the information in an easy to follow way. He is very approachable and open to all questions or theories you may have. He also is very encouraging and gives direct feedback on our work. He not only helped us succeed in his class but went out of his way to teach us about how to improve our writings in any class. - Western Civilization I
The defining feature of Mr. Welton's teaching style was enthusiasm. He was genuinely excited to teach us what he knew, and if we thought we knew something that he did not he was excited to learn from us. When I was talking to a student from my class, we discussed how we did not want to skip the readings as it would disappoint Mr. Welton. He was generally a very clear and entertaining speaker, making it to listen to what could otherwise be boring history. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
He was the most enthusiastic instructor in my time here at UF. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
Enjoyable and formatted in an easy to learn way. The class discussions facilitated just enough differences in opinion to be able to view history from different perspectives as it always should be. Readings often could be a bit tedious when combined with deadlines from other classes, but the syllabus' accurate scheduling allows you to manage that sometimes troubling aspect if you're willing. I felt like I learned something new each class even after reading the book and primary sources the night before, so the necessary in-class supplementation to the material was great. - Western Civilization I
Andrew Welton was/is an amazing instructor. He is very helpful and knowledgeable on the topics he teaches. If he doesn't know something he will actually look up the answer and communicate it to the class the [n]ext day. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
Very amicable. Clearly showed mastery over the subject and brought in many perspectives. Every lecture was engaging, and he took the time to make us laugh every so often. Discussion was very productive in class, much more so than I've seen in other history courses. Was available to meet outside of class, more than other professors I've had in the past. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
His willingness to work with his students is unlike any other instructor here at UF. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
He was amazing! I'd love to take more classes from this Professor. You'd be stupid not to have him teach more courses. - The Fall of the Western Roman Empire