I’ve finished my first week of excavation at the Lyminge Archaeology Project!


The site is a royal Anglo-Saxon palace complex with at least five great halls. It was built next to a bronze age barrow (burial mound). We’re excavating the largest of the great halls and the barrow this season.

I’ve been working on the bronze age barrow all week. We’ve almost finished cleaning the surface from the mechanical excavation, and there are a lot of really exciting features to excavate (pits and post holes dug into the natural geology). A few of these pits are dug into the barrow, and look really interesting. I’m hoping they’re Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-Saxons loved to mess with old barrows), and that I’ll get to dig some of them before I leave.

There are also what look like some ‘sunken feature buildings’ (essentially, Anglo-Saxon cellars), which will probably produce some really fun finds.

So far, I’ve found some burnt bone near the barrow (*might* be from a cremation – but probably not), a few Anglo-Saxon nails, some Anglo-Saxon glass, lots of pot sherds, and more halves of dead and dying worms than I care to remember.